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The ACT method – extended workshop canvas

The ACT method (analyse, create, transform) ensures that the 24 most important strategic topics for the digital age are covered in your strategy. The three phases will be completed as separate workshops and in 10 strategy steps. Use this canvas to discuss the 24 strategic topics/questions with your project team so that you can use ACT to identify challenges, opportunities and project ideas for your strategy roadmap.

ACT method – extended workshop canvas (Source: Marc K Peter &

The strategy process starts with a kick-off (Gate 1). After the subsequent analyse phase, the findings from the first workshop and discussions are summarised, for instance in a SWOT analysis (Gate 2). After the create phase, the digital roadmap will be created with the digital vision and all strategic initiatives and projects (Gate 3; use the digital roadmap template for guidance).

When the organisation is in the implementation phase (transform), the analyse phase might be reactivated in the sense of a control loop and the findings flow continuously into the current strategy period or into the new digital roadmap.

In 10 steps, the ACT method is applied holistically for strategy development (Source: Marc K Peter &