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The workshop canvas for digital transformation

The workshop canvas for digital transformation delivers quick results. In a one-day workshop, your team covers the seven action fields of digital transformation with the help of pre-defined topics and questions to compile and describe challenges, opportunities and project ideas. In this way, the organisation’s management is intentionally using the collective knowledge of the organisation and ensures that the experiences, ideas and suggestions for improvement from employees are incorporated into the strategy development.

Workshop canvas for digital transformation (Source: Marc K Peter &

In three steps, the workshop canvas for digital transformation will enable you to develop your digital roadmap that will empower your teams and increase your competitiveness in the digital age:

Step 1: Workshops
In one-day workshops and by answering the workshop questions, the team identifies opportunities for the strategy, and countless suggestions and project ideas emerge. The results from the workshops are documented and the completed workshop canvas is recorded in a photo log or screenshot when workshopped with virtual teams. Then the results are communicated to those within the organisation and the employees thanked for their energy and ideas.

Step 2: Ideas and priorities
The project ideas (candidates) are collected and categorised by topic. For this purpose, either use the action fields for categorisation or create new, organisation-specific categories. Often, ideas are grouped into ‘possible projects’. The project ideas are now discussed by the project team or by management. A second workshop day is held for this purpose. Afterwards, management can discuss and prioritise the proposals.

Step 3: The digital roadmap
Ultimately, the project candidates that are selected and supported by management or the board of directors, lead to the digital roadmap. The digital roadmap is the lightest form of a digital strategy: it summarises and describes all strategic initiatives/projects that will help your success in the digital age.

The workshop canvas helps an organisation to quickly and efficiently arrive at a digital strategy, the digital roadmap (Source: Marc K Peter &