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Case studies in The Digital Transformation Canvas book

The fictional bicycle business of the young entrepreneur Alexandra and the mechanical precision tool business of Sudip will accompany you throughout the book. With the help of these two businesses, you will see how opportunities and ideas for a digital roadmap can be developed.

Alexandra is a young entrepreneur. Luckily, a couple she is friends with ran a bicycle shop in the centre of London for almost 50 years and decided to retire. The couple opened the shop in the 1970s because they saw a gap in the market. Upon their retirement, Alexandra was able to purchase their bicycle business on attractive terms.

Alexandra’s Bikeshop in the centre of London – a case study for the book (Source: Marc K Peter &

Sudip runs a successful SME with just under 40 employees. He produces and repairs precision tools for the machine industry. Sudip doesn’t want to take any big risks. However, he realises that he needs to renew his company’s strategy in a sustainable way to take advantage of digital innovation in his business. In this book, Sudip’s SME will take on the role of an established, traditional business that, for years, has not worked on a strategy or invested in new IT infrastructures.

Sudip’s precision tools business in Dayton/OH, USA for the machine industry (Source: Marc K Peter &

Alexandra and Sudip will guide you through the book. The examples will show how they use the action fields of digital transformation to identify ideas and the opportunities for renewal of their organisations, in order to develop a digital roadmap.