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Develop your digital roadmap (template)

Based on strategic input and project ideas/initiatives derived from the workshop canvas for digital transformation or the ACT method – extended workshop canvas, the strategic project candidates developed in the process that are supported by the owners/board of directors/CEO, lead to the digital roadmap.

Digital roadmap template and SME example (Source: Marc K Peter &

In this phase of the strategy development process, the digital vision is described as a summary of all strategic directions. In this final workshop, you will discuss questions like:

The discussions lead to a core statement on the strategy, namely the digital vision, which is written at the very top of your digital roadmap.

As a next step, all strategic initiatives and strategic projects will be documented with goals, responsibilities, project budgets and deadlines:

Depending on the size of the organisation, separate business plans with investment budgets are also being developed for individual initiatives, each of which must be approved by the owners or the board of directors.

Use this template to summarise your initiatives and projects on the digital roadmap. The documented roadmap gives you an overview; it is a strategic management tool, the basis for your internal communication (e.g. to employees) and an important control instrument.

Every month (at least once a quarter), you discuss the progress of the transformation in the team and document successes and changes to the plan.

The digital roadmap captures your digital vision, strategic priorities as well as digital initiatives and projects (Source: Marc K Peter &