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Testimonials for The Digital Transformation Canvas

The Digital Transformation Canvas is recommended by academics and executives across the globe:

Testimonials from Africa

«With competitiveness increasingly driven by whether businesses attain sustainable development goals, this book offers valuable ideas to make data and information central to sustainability management. Ideas here can also help minimise resource use by replacing physical products, services, and locations with virtual services.»

Professor Colin Reddy

University of Johannesburg, South Africa

«The Digital Transformation Canvas provides a masterful and practical guide for developing and implementing digital strategies, making it an indispensable tool for anyone navigating the digital landscape.»

Professor Walter Matli

University of South Africa, South Africa

«This book is for every small business wondering if the digital revolution will help them fly or just kill them. The practical and low-cost approach to developing a digital roadmap will be of value to all businesses. As an African, I am especially excited about how this book can be used to harness opportunities on the continent.»

Professor Helena Barnard

Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Pretoria, South Africa

Testimonials from Asia-Pacific

«It's a must-have in your professional library, and it will be your go-to reference as you navigate the ever-evolving landscape of digital business.»

Ljubica Radoicic

Director of Marketing and Customer Success APAC at Autodesk, Australia

«Marc K Peter’s book is an indispensable guide for navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape. His practical framework empowers organisations to effectively embrace digital transformation and achieve their strategic goals. A must-read for leaders seeking to thrive in the digital era.»

Will Lewis

Market Lead at Google Australia, Australia

«Dr Peter provides an excellent blueprint for digital transformation that is practical and road tested.»

Professor Luke Houghton

Academic Director Griffith Advantage, Griffith University, Australia

«The Digital Transformation Canvas presents a holistic blueprint, emphasising that strategy, not technology, is the driving force behind digital transformation success. With a focus on a customer and human-centred approach, the book offers practical guidance for those seeking meaningful transformation along with change leadership to attain it.»

Josephine Simeone

Director of Peopletential Consulting, former People & Culture Director at Aon Australia/NZ and at LexisNexis Asia-Pacific, Australia

«The Digital Transformation Canvas masterfully blends practical insights with a contemporary style, making it an indispensable guide for navigating the complexities of the digital age across diverse industries.»

Tyson Wienker

Executive Director Digital and Emerging Technologies and Head of School ICT at the University of Tasmania, Australia

«An essential beacon in the digital maelstrom, Marc K Peter offers a masterful blueprint for steering organisations towards a thriving future in the ever-evolving technological landscape.»

Professor Mark Farrell

CEO of StratX Consulting, former Pro Vice Chancellor, Business and Law, Victoria University, Australia

«The Digital Transformation Canvas is an indispensable, cutting-edge resource for postgraduate and executive-level education, expertly guiding educators while equipping learners with the latest, application-ready knowledge.»

Professor Markus Rach

Head of Academic Marketing Programmes at Shenzhen Technology University, China

«The Digital Transformation Canvas is all you need to develop your digital strategy – a book full of practical knowledge!»

Professor Kanagaraj Ayyalusamy

Convenor at XLRI Jamshedpur, India

«Professor Peter’s book is a game-changer for any business navigating the complexities of the digital age. From understanding digital maturity to expertly navigating the seven action fields, this book equips readers with actionable knowledge.»

Professor Mohamad Syazli Fathi

Razak Faculty of Technology and Informatics, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Testimonials from Europe

«The challenge of our time lies in the translation of complex issues and Marc K Peter succeeds in doing just that in a virtuoso manner; a clearly recommended reading.»

Professor Jens Nachtwei

Department of Psychology, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Germany

«A very helpful overview and manual – the checklists make it very practical and help identify relevant tools for the future success of any SME.»

Patrick Warnking

Vice-President Central and Eastern Europe, Google, Poland

«A comprehensive and actionable guide that empowers organisations to embrace digital transformation with clarity and confidence.»

Christoph Schnidrig

Head of Technology at Amazon Web Services, Switzerland

«The Digital Transformation Canvas is a step-by-step guide to instantly improve your business practices in the digital age.»

Dr Stephan Wartmann

CEO of BRUGG Group, Switzerland

«We successfully transformed the City of Lucerne based on the seven action fields and workshop canvas for digital transformation from Professor Marc K Peter.»

Urs Truttmann

Chief Digital Officer of the City of Lucerne, Switzerland

«Marc K Peter’s action fields of digital transformation are a must-know for entrepreneurs and board members and one of the cornerstones of our curriculae at Rochester-Bern.»

Professor Petra Joerg

CEO of Rochester-Bern Executive Programs, USA/Switzerland

«Marc K Peter has written a practical how-to guide for digital transformation strategies – indispensable for today’s executives!»

Alois Zwinggi

Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, Switzerland

«In The Digital Transformation Canvas, Professor Peter masterfully deciphers the complexities of digital transformation, making it accessible and actionable for all.»

Dr Ernest Cavin

VP International Sales at Ziemer Ophthalmic Systems, Switzerland

«Professor Peter combines a robust framework with rich, practical guidance. This is an essential guide for today’s technology leaders.»

Terry Dawson

Former Global Managing Director of Reed Business Information and GBG PLC, UK

«The Digital Transformation Canvas is a practical tool to develop a digital roadmap and will support many executives in their pursuit of a technology-driven strategy.»

Professor Yogesh K. Dwivedi

School of Management, Swansea University, UK

«Professor Peter’s handbook is extremely valuable to all organisations looking to develop and execute on a digital transformation strategy.»

Mark Brinin

CEO of Wood Mackenzie, UK

Testimonials from the Middle East

«Marc’s handbook offers all organisations a practical and executable approach to digital transformation.»

Corey Thompson

EVP and Head of Digital at Mashreq Bank, Dubai

«A valuable resource for SMEs, blending case studies, practical tools, and digital strategies to effectively navigate and thrive in the digital transformation landscape.»

Dr Sulaiman Alkaabi

CEO of the Future Foresight Foundation, UAE

Testimonials from the Americas

«The Digital Transformation Canvas offers vital insights for navigating the digital age across industries. Professor Peter’s book expertly guides organizational digital transformation, recommended for its clarity and practicality.»

Guillermo Armelini

Marketing Professor, ESE Business School, University Los Andes, Chile

«A very practical guide and framework that can steer and accompany your digital transformation journey – helping to address the many challenges that firms face when seeking to become “future ready.»

Professor Marc Gruber

Editor-in-Chief of the Academy of Management Journal, USA

«The Digital Transformation Canvas by Professor Marc K Peter is a highly informative and practical guide that offers valuable insights for organisations embarking on the journey of digital transformation. Peter presents a comprehensive framework that enables readers to grasp the essential elements required for successful digital transformation. Through clear explanations and practical examples, this book equips business leaders with the knowledge and tools necessary to leverage technology and adapt their strategies in the ever-changing digital landscape. For anyone seeking to thrive in today’s digital age, this book is an indispensable resource.»

Shawn Clark

Senior Vice-President at Cengage Group, USA

«Marc K Peter provides highly practical templates and checklists for organisations to develop their digital business strategy.»

Uttam Tripathi

Head of Global Developer Programs at Google, USA

«The Digital Transformation Canvas provides an amazing checklist to navigate the digital age, built on the priceless and decade-long experience and research from Marc!»

Anton von Rueden

Advisory Board Member of Los Angeles Kings, USA/former Managing Director at eBay Austria and Switzerland

«Dr Peter’s book distills academic concepts and industry expertise into a practical guide for managers to build digital transformation strategies.»

Professor Paul Di Gangi

Professor of Information Systems at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA

«In this book, Professor Peter details what to do, why to do it, and how to complete an organisation’s digital transformation in a way that makes sense.»

Professor Zane L. Berge

Professor of Education, University of Maryland Baltimore County, USA

Testimonials were provided between November and December 2023 based on the complete manuscript. The author would like to express his gratitude to all reviewers.